For a long time I was unsure as to what to put here. Now having read and explored more, I can understand what drives people. Social media has allowed many to simply post their views, be they good, bad or just indifferent.

This site is evolving, growing as I would hope. It is my own work, my views and my thoughts. I don’t mind people making comments, in fact I enjoy it when someone does.

So what does this site contain. At the moment, mainly my blogs, film and television reviews and the start of my new novel. I enjoy writing in a number of forms. Poems, stories and blogs all play a big part of this site now.
There are still photographs, a few life drawings by Steph and myself. Less the drawings from me as I can’t draw.
You will find a number of different strings to my bow. Archery has become a passion for myself as my blogs do show. I hope to help newcomers to archery with my own views of what happened to me. I have now had a small feature in ArcheryGB magazine which really pleased me. It was part of one my Olympic blogs.
What I enjoy these days; archery, computers, F1 (still), films, radio comedies (always), taking pictures (good and bad), trying to play the clarinet. The list goes on.

Who I am
Name: Mark
Location: Staffordshire UK
Writers: JRR Tolkien, H G Wells, Ian Fleming, Alexander Kent, PG Woodhouse
Camera: Cannon EOS 300D
Subjects: Landscapes, towns, planes, boats, anything
Holiday Spots: Cornwall St Ives, Lake District Ambleside & Grasmere
Sports: Archery, rugby, cricket, football
Personal Motto: “Make a memory, Take a picture.” Or “All my blogs will make a book”

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